T. G. Masaryk Business Academy

T. G. Masaryk Business Academy is a vocational college in the north-east of the Czech Republic.

We provide students aged between 16 and 19 years with two vocational qualifications, Business Studies and Information Technologies. Apart from these two fields we have a more academic one – Economic Lyceum which provides education similar to ‚Gymnazium‘ (Grammar School) with more hours of sciences, biology, chemistry and physics. All our students study economics and accounting.

Our college focuses on language learning. Our students study two foreign languages. Apart from English they have a choice of German, Spanish, French and Russian. Students have four hours of General English a week and one hour of Business English in their 3rd and 4th grade. In the last – 4th grade they also have two more lessons of English Conversation.

Our students have their work placements in 3rd grade for two weeks in local companies concentrating on administrative and ICT jobs.

There are about 270 students in our college.

We are experienced in the area of international projects concerning students´ work placements abroad.

Through the EU project Leonardo we used to send send six students abroad every year for 12 years.

We have been successful in the last years in EU project Erasmus+ KA1 – teachers´ and staff mobilities and now we are participating in EU project Erasmus+ KA202 with a Polish partner. We are an experienced, skilled, reliable co-operative partner.

There are a few people responsible for international projects, the Principal Deputy Renata Čermáková, Project Coordinator, who is always responsible for administration and finance, and English teachers Jitka Kosařová, Jitka Černá, and Jana Felixová, whose expertise is in arranging placements and keeping in touch with foreign organizations.

Contact us: cermakova@oakostelec.cz or +420 601 380 993